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Latest Dress Design- How To Dress For Your Body Types

The quintessential latest dress design is a must-have for every Indian woman out there. Every lady wants to dress perfect for their body shape and the key is to choose dresses with accentuating her body shapes. It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and scores high on comfort. While all the prints and silhouettes can overwhelm you, you picking the latest dress design that’s apt for your body shape.

Dress design for the different body shape

Dress Design
Dress Design

The most common styles of Indian wear we’ll be focusing on serve are coming with a variety of dress designs. Wrapped, short, flared, fitted, the possibilities are too many to list down but the right dress can make everything feel just perfect. Everyone has that little black dress hanging in their closet, but let’s find out what’s the most flattering dress for your body type.

  1. Rectangle shaped body type
Dress Design
Dress Design

The rectangular body shape is characterized by a fairly straight silhouette and an athletic body. A wrap dress design can allow you to add curves and highlight your torso of a rectangle body type.  The trick here is to create curves. The wrap details draw attention to your slim waist. You often have little definition between your waist and your hips and your bottom may be fairly flat. An empire line dress design works best for this body type. Yokes and panels are something you could experiment with to create curves.

Minimize styling and detail above the waist, simple, more constructed shapes will work best on your bottom halves like straight cut pants or an A-line skirt. Use darker colors above the waist and lighter bottom. Avoid using shoulder pads, even in tailored jackets as it will make your shoulder look broader. The layered effect creates a curvy silhouette for a straight body shape. Flowy bottoms mean volume and can further add to the curvy illusion. Color blocking helps define your torso. It can highlight your body shape and give you a more defined waist. For Indian wear Patiala, salwar paired with short kurtis will look great on you.

2. Inverted triangle shaped body type

Dress Design
Dress Design

If you have broad shoulders and slender legs, Your hips are larger than your bust or shoulder area but you have a well-defined waist, you are an Inverted Triangle Body Type. Embellishments and details at the lower end can draw attention away from a wide upper body. Keep the upper half of your dress design simple and let the bottom stand out. Make sure that the length of your tops & jackets ends on or just below the widest point of your hip. Use brighter or lighter colors for the upper half and keep trousers and skirts in darker colors. Ruffles and flowy skirts are the way to go to achieve a voluminous look.

The goal here is to balance out the extra weight in your shoulders by drawing more attention to your bottom half. And remember, sleeveless dress designs do not broaden your shoulders further. Opt for kurtas with a high and low pattern they create a flare around your feet balancing out your shape. Anarkali dress design that highlights the waist with a flowy bottom will create proportionate curves. Details such as structured collars, embellishment, or even decorating your neck and ears with jewelry will draw attention above the waist. Avoid structured prints, bright colors, and details below the waist. Layering on your top half will help create visual interest and draw attention to it. Feel free to wear patterns and bold colors on your top half only this will make your thighs seem narrower. Use these styles to create shapes and a balanced silhouette in your outfit.

3. Hourglass shaped body type

Dress Design
Dress Design

An hourglass figure is characterized by a slender waist and wider chest & hips. If your hips and shoulders are of the same or similar width & waistline is relatively smaller, you are an hourglass. Also, equally proportionate shoulders and hips with a slim waist are the traits of an hourglass figure. Always emphasize your waist area. Allow the clothing to follow your body’s curves rather than hiding them. Show off your figure with a body-hugging dress design.  A body-hugging dress design can do wonders for your figure and highlight your curves. If a simple fitted dress design is not your thing, a slim wrap dress design can justify the defining purpose and draw attention to your slim waist.

An Anarkali dress design works perfectly to accentuate the hourglass. Stick to cinched and well-fitted outfits for the most flattering results. Stay away from loose-fitting dress design. If you do have some lying around simply use a belt to cinch at the waist to draw attention. Avoid stiff straight-cut dresses, pencil skirts, or dresses that enhance your waist area will look great on you. Flaunt your curves and your slim waist with these dressing styles. Keeping your hair too long that falls around the bust area, may make you look too heavy in your upper body.

4. Pear shaped body type

The pear body shape is characterized by full, curvy hips and a slender torso. A curvy set of hips with a narrow upper body sums up the Pear body shape. The key to picking the right kurta for this body type is to draw attention to the torso and away from the hips. When it comes to choosing the perfect dress design, balancing your hips will get you the best results. An off-shoulder dress design highlights your shoulders and helps to balance the attention toward your upper body. Fun colours are a great way of highlighting the upper body. Prints and bright colours are ideal for the kurta. For the bottom – keep it skinny. Avoid keeping the length too short, mid length kurtas are perfect. And also Wrap dress design will draw attention to your chest and the slim fitting skirt will complement your naturally curvy hips.

5. Apple shaped body type

Dress Design
Dress Design

 The apple body shape characterized by a full torso and slender legs.  Balance your upper half with an A-line dress design. A-line kurta shows off your legs while the volume balances out a heavy upper body.  The neckline is very important when picking your kurta. V-necks create a vertical line that breaks the attention from the chest area. A V-shaped neckline flatters your chest and creates a vertical illusion. Adding a dupatta or stole to the look worn sideways will further create a vertical illusion for the top half. Make sure the fabrics are soft so that they don’t stick to your body or create unnecessary structure. A shift dress design is perfect for hiding any mid-waist bulk around your tummy while the short length perfectly complements your slim legs. Mid-length kurtas and short kurtas show off your slender legs. Pair with skinny jeans or leggings to attract attention to the legs.

6. Oval shaped body type

You may have rounded shoulders and fullness through the tummy area. Your legs are often your best asset, You most likely are an oval body shape. Formal jackets look great for this body type as they have added shoulder pads that make the narrow shoulder more defined and structured. Choose accessories like a statement necklace to keep the eye above the bust-line. Avoid tucking in tops, or adding any waist details as it will draw attention to the waist. Softer fabrics like cashmere or georgette that drape without clinging your body will work best for your body type. Off-shoulder dresses & tops with an empire waistline will give an illusion of wider shoulders and a small waist.

7. Figure 8 body shape type

If your hips have & shoulders are fairly proportionate, you have a rounded tummy & you put on weight proportionately, you have a figure 8 body shape. Figure 8 is actually the most common body shape for Indian women. Opt for skirts & dresses that fall smoothly over the hips and go straight down. For pants make sure to opt for straight or bootleg not wide or flared. Avoid heavy, stiff, or body-hugging fabrics like polyester and synthetic. Avoid tucking in tops at all costs, as the focus straight away goes to the waist and tummy area. For Indian wear, instead of sarees, opt for flowy palazzos and straight-cut kurtas. Colour blocking works great for figure 8. Choose two to three starkly different colors like pink and orange or even black and white.

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These tips will ensure you walk out in a perfectly styled dress every time, so go ahead and flatter your body shape. Use these styling tips and discover dresses that will suit your body shape and accentuate your natural features.


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