Watch Axl Rose and Carrie Underwood perform Guns N’ Roses songs at Stagecoach Festival

Underwood, a long-lasting GNR fan, recently uncovered she truly needed to sing with the frontman

Axl Rose came by the current year's Stagecoach Festival to play out a couple of Guns N' Roses tunes with Carrie Underwood

The 2022 release of the down home live concert started on Friday (April 29) at Indio, California's Empire Polo Club

During Underwood's Saturday title space, Rose joined the country artist to play out his band's exemplary melodies

Underwood began by playing out the initial refrain and theme of 'Sweet Child O' Mine' with her band prior to presenting Rose

"Welcome to the best evening of my life. Surrender it for Axl Rose!" she told the group.

The pair then quickly sent off into 'Heaven City'. "You thought we were done?"

Underwood told the crowd. See film from their Stagecoach execution

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