Bheeshma Parvam Movie Review : An adrenaline pumping Mammootty-starrer for the masses

Around 15 years after Big B, Mammootty and Amal Neerad meets up again in 'Bheeshma Parvam'.

True to form, the film is a banquet of colorful sluggish movements and epic discoursed.

The presentation scenes will help you to remember Bollywood's 'Sarkar' and Hollywood's 'The Godfather'.

Mammootty, as Michael, plays a comparative person as the head a persuasive family leaked in wrongdoing

The content, wrote by Amal Neerad and Devadath Shaji, guarantees that the almighty wear is only one of the components of the film.

This large number of characters actually don't help paper over the way that amount of the essential story misses the mark on oddity.

The stewing discontent inside his home, and a man holding back to get payback for Michael's activities in the past meet up to torment him

In Bheeshma Parvam, Amal Neerad compensates for the absence of oddity in the story with style and a few strong characters.