Danny Elfman Do the Simpsons Theme at Coachella 2022

Danny Elfman is the most established artist performing at the current year's youth-focused Coachella.

Elfman, who released his first independent studio collection in 37 years while last April

Elfman played the set topless with a full symphony, flaunting his tattooed torso. 

There are few arrangers who could make a full symphony sound like a garage punk band

Elfman is an expert on the macabre, whose dark scores are basically inseparable from Tim Burton's movies

The show draws from all regions of Elfman's long career

He says showcases “the two sides of me that are always fighting for space”.

The selections from Elfman's long and changed profession formed for film and TV.

The first day of the 2022 Masters is in the books, it was basically as staggering as expected.

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