Tesla CEO Elon Musk has taken a 9% stake in Twitter to turn into its biggest investor

A definitive point of Musk's 73.5 million shares buy worth $2.9 billion, based on the closing price

Musk is a drawn-out financial investor hoping to limit his buying and selling of shares.

Elon Musk has 80 million followers on Twitter and asked whether they’d like to edit their tweets after posting them

In an ideal world, it would essentially permit users to tidy up typos after publishing  their tweets

Twitter's previous CEO Jack Dorsey said that the organization would "most likely never" add an alter button in a interview

Musk and the head of his family office, Jared Birchall, didn't answer requests about his expectations.

Musk's disclosure about his stake in Twitter shares comes two days after Tesla Inc. posted first-quarter conveyance numbers. 

While the organization conveyed 310,000 vehicles in the period, the figure was marginally underneath assumptions.

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