Sunday's Alycia Debnam-Carey-coordinated episode of Fear the Walking Dead not just presented a critical loss

right behind Charlie's capital punishment last week

it foreshadowed what sure seemed like the fast approaching ends of two additional characters.

Everything began when Daniel, his memory fizzling, took off from Morgan's submarine looking for poor, long-dead Ofelia

Afterward, alone with Luciana and Wes, Daniel conceded that he'd given their detainer some unacceptable organizes and took a blade off of one of his associate.

With half of Arno's gathering on a pointless pursuit, they'd experience no difficulty recovering Ofelia (mm-well) and getting away.

Obviously, when Daniel found that Ofelia was not on board the Abigail, things went south quick.

Having a messy outlook on nearly wrecking Luciana (once more), Daniel urged her to abandon him.

Along these lines, um, how were Daniel, Luciana and Wes to move away, significantly less safeguard Arno's kin

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