West Side Story: The Brilliance and Tragedy of Its Disney+ Release

The Disney+ arrival of West Side Story is restoring interest in a Steven Spielberg magnum opus before Oscar casting a ballot

Something interesting occurred while heading to Oscar-casting a ballot season: the web found Steven Spielberg made a West Side Story film.

In pretty much every West Side Story cycle, including the 1957 phase debut and 1961 film adaptation

 Anybodys is composed and proceeded as a spitfire who needs to join the Jets.

The vast majority of West Side Story's tunes and beats are foreordained, even with Spielberg and Tony Kushner's updates to the content and book from 1957.

Tony and Maria meet at the party, the Jets and Sharks thunder, and their battling makes a course of decimation until the end.

Giving Anybodys a melody wouldn't just push the envelope for transsexual portrayal yet in addition seems OK.

The tune's message hits distinctively coming from somebody who knows the benefit of picking fights and disappearing.

"Cool" is likewise a tune with point of reference for reexamination all through West Side Story variations.