Police look for numerous suspects subsequent to the shooting that killed 6,injured 12 in midtown Sacramento

Specialists are looking for multiple shooters Sunday after a shooting frenzy in Sacramento left at least 6 people dead

Sacramento police  believe multiple shooters were associated with a mass shooting

Sacramento police Chief Kathy Lester said An enormous fight occurred just before the shootings

 The shootings broke out after an enormous fight and killed three men and three women.

Nearby buildings were hit by gunfire and a taken handgun was recuperated at the scene

police were close the area at around 2 a.m. at the point when they heard gunfire.

police said, Despite these efforts, 6 victims were pronounced deceased at the scene.

Police have since gotten various video recordings as a feature of their investigation.

Sacramento shooting: At least 6 people have been killed and 10 injured in centre of California state capital

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