Today is April 6, the first modern Olympics start

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On April 6, 1896, the first modern Olympic games officially opened in Athens, Greece.

Antiquated Olympic Games was a  religious festival held in a religious sanctuary

From the primary release in 776BC until 550BC, the Games occurred in the  sanctuary itself.

The first stadium was a simple affair utilizing the regular dikes of the encompassing slopes, staying inside the deified as well.

By the mid-fourth century BC, the third manifestation of the stadium was assembled.

As well as competition and training occurred at Olympia.

 During the Hellenistic time frame (323BC-31BC) the palestra and the gym was assembled.

The practice center was an extended square shape with space for both the javelin and discus throwers to do their thing.

People put up big fancy arts and commitments, so it turned into a well-known site to go see Greek art

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