Vijay Devarakonda has become famous as a Tollywood unruly star .

The quantity of his fans is expanding step by step.

Vijay Devarakonda's fan following is filling in Tollywood as well as in Bollywood

He is turning into the widely adored legend .

He has amassed north of 15 million devotees via virtual entertainment and is positioned in the main 2 spot in Tollywood.

In any case, as a customary Vijay , he endeavored to turn into a raucous star .

We are seeing now the prize for his persistent effort. Vijay was brought into the world on May 9, 1989 in Hyderabad.

His family was from Thumannapeta close to Nagar Kurnool.

From that point Vijay 's father came to Hyderabad and settled there.

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