WWE super bangs down in Newcastle on its UK visit with its elite player arrangement

WWE live arrived in Newcastle's Utilita Arena on Thursday, April 28, on its UK visit

for someone who has never watched wrestling, I was agreeably shocked.

Toward the finish of the evening, I was advertised to such an extent that I figure I might have entered the ring myself.

The show started off at 7.30pm and insane Shinsuke Nakamura and red hot Sheamus made that big appearance

WWE probably won't be finished with Shinsuke Nakamura versus Roman Reigns all things considered.

On the current week's SmackDown, Shin communicated his disappointments with The Bloodline during a behind the stage promotion

Sami Zayn heard Nakamura's words and squealed on the previous IC Champ to Paul Heyman

afterward, Adam Pearce booked a singles match between the two people for Friday's episode.

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