Aloe vera is a very beneficial plant. The gel that comes out of this plant is used extensively in skin care products and general health care.

Aloe vera has thick and fleshy leaves and they contain a transparent gel inside which is used in several ways for your skin, hair, and health.

Skin Benefits 

Aloe vera gel has plenty of antioxidant properties from vitamin C and vitamin E which are known for their ability to clear skin.

It  is used in products like lotion and gels

It helps to moisturize the skin

It prevents free radical damage

It fights against skin aging

It is used to treat spots and acne

Hair Benefits

If you retired from excessive hair fall you can apply aloe vera gel to the entire scalp and hair. It makes your hair soft, silky and prevents hair fall.

Health Benefits 

Alovera helps improve your health in many incredible ways. Alovera is a medicinal herb rich in about 18 amino acids that help you maintain a healthy body.

Add Aloe Vera juice to your healthy breakfast smoothie. Drinking a glass of aloe juice in the morning can relieve stomach issues like indigestion and constipation.

Aloe Vera helps boost immunity

Aloe Vera aids in digestion

Aloe Vera gel reduces inflammation

Aloe Vera helps prevent cancer

It relieves toothaches and keeps your gums healthy

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