Multani mitti is a natural source of magnesium chloride which acts as a natural cleanser for your skin and helps in reducing acne blemishes, absorb excess oil.

Using multani mitti on your face improves your skin texture from rough to smooth and this is one of the most commonly used ingredients in homemade soaps.

It helps your skin in many ways like:-

Diminishing pore sizes

Fading wrinkles

Cleansing skin

Soothing sunburns

Improving complexion






Reducing acne and blemishes


Green Soul Mates

Multani mitti face packs remove the dead cells from the skin and making a space for it to breathe.


Multani mitti face packs are pretty effective in making your skin glow as well as improving the texture of the skin.


It is very much ideal for oily skin or extra oily skin type people  that  improves blood circulation in the skin.


Multani mitti is well known for its oil-absorbing property. It cools down the irritated skin instantly.


If you have pimples and those pimple marks are bothering you, then this versatile Multani mitti is again at your service.


Multani mitti also reduces suntan and helps to reduce pigmentation. It can also heal your scar marks. Give you soft supple skin in no time.


As a scrub, Multani mitti removes blackheads and whiteheads completely.


Multani mitti is truly a great skincare ingredient as it helps you tone the skin too. Use it to achieve the tone of the skin.


You can reduce your scar Marks by applying Multani mitti face mask.


Multani mitti is an antiseptic agent which can  heal skin irritation and offer a soothing effect on the skin.


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