How to be glamorous


How to be glamorous every day by your personal style

Glamour Tips

By Anusuya

Glamour is something you need to work yourself into something internal that your project and with a few little tips and tricks on the outside glamour.

A prolix look is essential

It defines a neat look and is well taken care of that's why clothes, hairstyles, and makeup will allow you to feel safe.

Knowing trends in fashion 

You should have an idea about fashion. If you want to be recognized by the way you dress, you should always be aware of the latest trends. 

    Add a black dress 

All style tips or style articles always say a little black dress and are usually talking about to wear it to cocktail parties and stuff

shoes with heels always win

vIt is your posture, it is the way you walk, it is the way you carry yourself, a heel just makes every outfit look better.

Beauty is 100% attitude

A fabulous woman always feels confident and sure of herself, especially with the image she projects to the rest of the world.

Expand your personality

You know your personality and build these experiences to enhance that person you are on the inside. But it’s also a huge benefit if you have fun and exciting stories to tell.

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