Secret hair care tips

Guide on How To Boost Your Hair Growth

By Anusuya

Daily hair care tips are your ultimate trump card to damage-free hair. Thick, voluminous locks contribute to satisfying a woman’s sense of self-care.

Brush the right way

The correct method is to start at the bottom with a wide-tooth comb according to your hair type and condition and slowly work your way  to the top, not the other way around

Let your hair breathe

If yesterday you did an elaborate hairstyle, then today let your hair loose and avoid styling products.

Wash regularly

You must wash it more frequently but not every day or you’ll end up stripping it of all moisture and damaging it.

Blow-dry it the right way

Avoid using the hottest setting on your blow-dryer  as this can dry out the hair shaft, leaving it prone to breakage.

Hair hydration is key

Healthy hair is defined by strands that are well moisturized from root to tip.

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