Wants Thicker Hair?

Here's Top 10  Tips To Get Thicker Hair

By Anusuya

A bouncy healthy hair can amp up your look within seconds. A lot of women want to grow long hair because it looks gorgeous and improves beauty.

Choose healthy foods

Choose healthy foods that will make your hair thick and healthy. You can eat onions, kale, salmon, etc., as these will make your hair thick.

Comb your hair properly

Combing your hair a few times a day will make it thick and shiny.

Use natural products

You can use natural products for hair growth such as rosemary, aloe vera, amla, honey, etc.

Use Oil on the scalp

Oiling your hair infrequent periods ensure is strengthening and improvement of health

 Massage your Scalp

you must massage your hair with a combination of the carrier as well as an essential oil. This will induce blood flow in the scalp which promotes hair growth

Apply hair masks

For the hair mask to bear the desirable results, choose the variety which resembles your hair type and the accompanying issues.

Use the right shampoo

Using the right shampoo for your hair type will make it healthier and thicker. You can use natural shampoos as well as any of the traditional shampoos.

Proper conditioning

Apply the conditioner in an optimum amount as to keep intact the moisture drawn at the hair shaft

Exercise Everyday

This will help you get healthier hair as well as make your hair thick. You can go for aerobics, swimming, hiking, etc.

Always hydrate

Keeping your body hydrated by drinking at least 4-8 glasses of water every day that helps your hair as well.

What to do for thick hair?

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