Are you struggling to lose weight?

You need to choose the right meal plan for weight loss at the right time.

Here are full-day meal plan for weight loss which is also a thyroid friendly diet plan that will help you to lose 7 -10 kilos in 10 days.

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Start your day with Morning drinks either you have a fat cutter drink or drink a lot of water.

Don't skip your breakfast. Choose to have healthy breakfast which should be low in complex carbohydrates and high in protein.

you can have one handful of unsalted roasted peanuts along with green tea or Indian tea. But avoid sugar.

Start your lunch with salad. A  salad may comprise of carrots, cucumbers, beetroots, cabbage etc. It will give you the essential vitamins, minerals, fibers

Have a bowl of masala oats for dinner. These lightly spiced oats will make you feel light fuller along with the fruits.

If you want to loose weight, follow these systematically which will very effectively  and that too very healthily.

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