by anusuya

February 13, 2022

Foods To  Increase Height  In Teenage

Filling your diet with a variety of nutritious foods to increase height can not only enhance overall health but also help you grow taller.


Eggs contain the essential amino acids and minerals that are necessary for healthy bones and fast growth.


Chicken is a great source of protein that builds muscles and tissues which helps you to grow taller.


Vegetable contains all the essential minerals, Vitamins, carbohydrates, and dietary fibers  to stimulate growth hormones in the body which helps boosting your height.


Any seafood, especially shellfish, is an excellent food for increasing height. It contains a lot of energy, vitamins and also a source of high-quality protein.


Dairy foods include milk, cheese, cream, yogurt, and ice cream that are high in calcium, minerals and packed with vitamins that helps in cell growth in the body.


Honey gives you a lot of energy that delivers minerals to your body, which are necessary for the growth and development of your height.


Banana is a rich source of nutrients such as manganese, calcium, potassium, and healthy probiotic bacteria that are necessary for height growth.

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